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The Oodnadatta Track and the Stuart Highway

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Mount Ebenezer, Lasseter Highway

Mount Ebenezer Roadhouse is on the Lasseter Highway on route to Uluru (Ayers Rock) between Erldunda and Curtin Springs. It is owned by Aboriginal people from the nearby Imanpa Community.

Mount Ebenezer in the Basedow Ranges to the north is visable from here. It is thought to be named after Ebenezer Flint, a member of the first party delivering supplies for the Overland Telegraph Line. He joined at 17 years of age and later worked at the Alice Springs and Barrow Creek Telegraph Repeater Stations. He died in 1887 of rhuematic fever.

The Aboriginal people were nomadic and passed through the area as seasons and ceremonies dictated.

Explorers Ernest Giles, William Gosse, Charles Chewing, William Tietkins and Major Peter Edgerton Warburton led various exploration parties west from the Charlotte Waters and Alice Springs Telegraph Stations in efforts to find water courses and good grazing lands. The lakes were salt and had to be detoured around and there were no lush grazing lands.

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