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Tourist Information Distributors Australia
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Caiguna is a small settlement and welcome stopover on the Nullarbor Plain providing services for the traveller. It is Caiguna is 182 kilometres east of Balladonia and 64 kilometres west of Cocklebiddy. The country is limestone. Caiguna blowhole is a short distance away. The blowhole is interesting as air currents can be felt. Aboriginal legend records it is the breath of the spirits.

Exporer Edward John Eyre's party camped not far from the site of the present settlement. While Eyre was shepherding the horses during the night, his overseer Baxter surprised the three young Aboriginal expedition members who were robbing the food supplies. He was shot and died. A monument was erected to him.
The site of the monument is in an isolated spot and anyone wishing to visit the site should get information from Caiguna. Take food and water supplies and  advise of your intentions and estimated time of return.

 Caiguna Blowhole

Baxter Memorial Site near Caiguna